Erda’s Treehouse

A treehouse in the middle of Zurich’s city, in Switzerland!

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Erda wrote me, to tell me about his treehouse that he’s building on a linden tree, almost 8 meters from the ground.

I always wanted to build a tree house. So, it’s kind of child dream. Most important for me was, that the house should be in the tree, which means it’s in the tree’s crown. So if you look out the house you have leaves around you and feel like you’re a part of the tree. For me a treehouse is something like a save shelter with fresh air. Special thing about this tree house is that it’s not only built in the city, but is also mainly produced by the trash of the city. Almost all of the wood I used is recycled from old pallets, furniture, windows and wood that I found in dumpsters of building sites. For the main construction I bought new beams, to be sure that the house is secure from falling down. I connected the beams with rope to the tree. All the house was built with almost no plan. I invited several friends of mine during the building process to help me with the work and also to bring in new ideas. And everyone contributed a little to the architecture of the house“. Erda

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Thank you Erda to share your treehouse with me, enjoy it!

More pics in the gallery below.

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