My house is a treehouse

Man and son found in jungle in Hanoi (Vietnam) after 40 years and their house was a treehouse!


This is the story of an 82 years old man and his 41 son, who were found living in a jungle in Hanoi, in central Vietnam. They were missing during the war with USA. It was in 1973 when Mr Ho Van Thanh has been seen running into the woods with his son, after a bomb exploded destroying his house and killing his wife and his other two sons.

The two men survived like two indigenous, cultivating vegetables, hunting animals and living on a tree!

Now they returned to reality with of course all the problems about integration in the society. What do you think about it? Is it good that these two people who used to live in a strong contact with nature return to reality? Of course the old man is sick and weak an needs some cures, but what about his son who is already a man and he can’t speak a proper language?

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