More Trees = More Treehouses!

Everyone uses Internet and needs to search something on the net everyday, so why not doing it helping Nature for free?


Ecosia, is a Search Engine that plants trees for every search and click that you make! “Ecosia, like any other search engine, earns money from advertisements, which are displayed next to the search results. Ecosia then donates at least 80% of this income to a tree planting program in Brazil”. It supports the “Plant A Billion Trees” program by The Nature Conservancy. Goal of this project is to restore the Brazilian Atlantic Forest by planting every day a tree. Moreover, on’t forget that every time time you use technology CO2 gets in the atmosphere, and just the trees can absorb it!
If you have some doubts about it, you can also look at the donation receipts.


So, what are you waiting for? Download Ecosia search engine and start to help Nature!

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