Montana Treehouse Resort

Sometimes when I see some pictures I would love to do like Mary Poppins, who was jumping on the drawing and suddenly she was in that scenario. This happened to me when I saw the pictures of this treehouse!

The  is situated in Montana surrounded by the woods and the Glacier National Park.
This treehouse has been built by the Treehouse Guys LLC and they filmed also an episode about this.
Darin and Kati -the treehouse’s owners- explain that “after the treehouse show filming was over, we were left to do all of the finishing interior touches of the treehouse and the infrastructure to make this a luxury treehouse including fully plumbed bathrooms, heat and even air conditioning! Darin finished the treehouse along with a trusty crew of friends (shout out to Sean Donovan and John Colliander of Treeworks, West Glacier) and family including “the old man crew” which consisted of both of our dads well into their 60’s but full of enthusiasm and Darin’s brother David helping with the exterior welding of the iron railings and more. We used a combination of locally sourced materials and reclaimed materials to give it an authentic Montana rustic feel“. Montana Treehouse Resort
Of course you can also book a night and live an incredible experience in this magical place!

Pics by Michael Matti. All rights reserved.

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