Manuel Push Pusceddu – Treehouse Builder

This is the story of Push, we met on a plane to NYC, we had a lot of common friends because of snowboard, but we have never met on the mountains!
We started speaking and it came out that he had also a passion for treehouses and two years ago he could build his first one!
I decided to interview him so you can also know him better!

Hello Push, can you just tell us who are you?
Ciao, my name is Manuel “Push” Pusceddu, i’m 29 and I live in Monteluro (Italy) but I’m from Verderio, a little village near Monza. I had experiences in the world of the action sports as an athlete and after I was production specialist for a big company, my task was to invent, build and set up in loco. Thank to an excellent teacher and  after many years of experience I took my first step in the woodworking field.

Why are you so fascinated by the treehouses?
Because treehouses make me feel like a child and give me the possibility to work in the nature.

You have already built a treehouse, which was your approach? For example, Gaudì lived in the Sagrada Familia to take inspiration and to feel completely its architecture, do you make something similar?
A treehouse must be in harmony with the trees that host it. My first step in a project is to climb the tree, check its health and find the perfect height for the platform. Than I can consider the request of the owners.

Paul Smith says:”You can find inspiration in everything and if you can’t, look again!”.
Do you agree with this sentence?
Only in part…it is really important to be inspired but it’s not enough to build a treehouse… we have to consider many factors. You could feel inspiration but maybe the tree couldn’t be the right one for your project (tree types, location, difficult access…). It is also true that if you don’t feel a special felling with the location and the project the treehouse shouldn’t be built.

And what does really inspire you building a treehouse?
There isn’t only one reason for this passion…everything started when I decided to build the first one for my nephew.
Building is a mix of emotions…climbing the tree, shaping the wood, choosing the right material, working and changing project step by step listening the needs of the tree.

Now you will start with your second one, is every treehouse designed specifically for that place or are there modules that can be repeated?
For me every treehouse needs a personal design. Since all trees are different, and so the final use and design has to change from person to person.
My next project will be a platform for an association that works with autistic children. Safety, easy access and fun zone will be my priority.

Tell us about your future project! Why do you think people are so fascinated by treehouses? How would you explain this phenomenon?
I hope to found a company in few years based on treehouse buildings and customised wooden garden structures.
I’m sure that this service can be successful because some years ago most of our dads or grandpas had time and manual capacities to build a platform or a treehouse during the weekend. Today it’s easier to find someone ready to pay for that. I also know that we are loosing part of the poetry and romance of the treehouse how we know it since we were children.
In the next future, I would like to teach the art of woodworking, tree climbing and treehouse building with workshops organised in the nature.

I can’t wait to communicate the start of my new projects…stay tuned and if you need help or if you are just curious…feel free to contact me!

Here the post about his first treehouse! Push Treehouse

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