Malga Priu Treehouses

Have you ever thought that you could sleep in a “pine cone“? Keep on reading to know how and where!

In the Julian Alps at Ugovizza (Udine, Italy) two new treehouses are waiting for you!
The Malga Priu recently built two treehouses, you can sleep at ten meters high from the ground surrounded by the woods and with a view on the Friulian Dolomites.

The treehouse is composed of three different levels: at the first floor (2,5 meter from the ground) you can look at the surrounding natural landscape. At the second floor you can find a small living room, a kitchen and all what you need for your daily stay. The third floor hosts the bedroom with a spherical ceiling and a glass skylight from which you can “enjoy a magnificent view of the starry sky”. Ecobnb

What I really love of this treehouse is that it camouflages itself with the trees and that “the treehouses are eco-sustainable: built in bio-architecture, 100% energy used is from renewable sources, they have low-energy bulbs, water flow reducers, etc. In addiction, the tree house is accessible to everyone: the architectural solutions allow in fact the accessibility of facilities also to people with motor disabilities.
The tree houses are almost entirely in local wood, taken according to the principles of naturalistic forestry. ‘The shapes and materials make it easy to insert the tree house into the woods, becoming part of the surrounding nature.‘ – tell the designers. The two treehouses are created by DomusGaia, commissioned by Malga Priu, designed by Claudio Beltrame and Loris Borean. The project has been supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, with the aim of enhancing the mountain area and increasing its attractiveness.
In short, the project embraces many important issues, from energy saving, to circular economy, from environmental sustainability to accessibility”. Ecobnb

For these reasons Ecobnb decided to have these treehouses in its website! If you want to know more about Ecobnb and what they do, check this post: Treehouse and Ecobnb.

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And if you want to sleep in one of these treehouses at Malga Priu, you can easily reserve your place at this link: Malga Priu Ecobnb.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Malga Priu. All rights reserved.

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