Luxury treehouse

A treehouse in Blean, Kent (UK) for 60.000 £ with hot tube, TV screen, Sky and a Jacuzzi!


Chris Whalley one night in front of a glass of wine with his wife sayd: “I’m bored – I needed something to do” from this, the decision to build a treehouse.

The wood is almost all from driftwood gathered from the beach, he didn’t use scaffolding, but just ropes to build the platform!

It’s built on a cedar at 20 feet from the ground that make it the tallest habitable treehouse in UK and people can reach it by wooden stairs.

Inside all it’s rustic tipical of a chalet, even if some piece of furniture in the house are worth more than 1.500 £ each!!!

But just look at the video and the pics below, they will explain you more than 1000 words!


And if you want to book a night in this 5 stars treehouse just visit this website:

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Daily Mail

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