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I love snow and I love when everything is cover and white.
You can’t really recognize what is under it. You can just see the shape and you can imagine what’s under of it because of your experience. I also think that the same object or house as a value more with the snow. It’s like in a fairytale , everything is more enchanting!
Look for instance at this treehouse in spring/summer-season and in winter, which one would you prefer?

I -of course- prefer the picture with the snow!
Anyway, this treehouse is situated in Canada; it’s a “four-season accomodation, located 15 feet above the ground, between firs, maple trees, birches, this treehouse overhanging the forest offers an incomparable view of its inhabitants. A first step in your children’s dreams: crossing the hanging bridge which allows you to enter the treehouse. Open the door and you will have a wonderful feeling. The fresh pine odour, the fireplace which invites to rest, the windows where you can see the top of the trees swinging in the wind…
In this environment, everything is harmonious and cozy. You will be able to prepare your meals in the small kitchen, except if you prefer letting them cook slowly on the fireplace. You will even find a bathroom with a shower and washrooms inside the treehouse!” Les Toits du Monde

Pics by Les Toits du Monde

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