Lapa’s Nest Treehouse

Are you planning a travel to Costa Rica???

Lapa's Nest Treehouse1I’ve already introduced you some treehouses in Costa Rica, today I want to tell you about another Treehouse: the Lapa’s Nest Treehouse.

If you want to live in direct contact with tha nature and be surrounded by it, this place will leave you a sign on your heart!
Through a charcoal stair around the trunk of the tree you can easily reach the treehouse, 3/4 bedrooms are organized on different levels, every “rooms” have a form that reminds the form of a bow, but also a palm’s leaf. Everything is built with eco materials, in order to preserve the naturalism of the treehouse. A house in the nature made of natural materials!

During your holidays you can enjoy the nature of the Osa Peninsula with its variety of animals, or just sipping your Bio coffee on the sofa of the treehouse and meet them.  “First there are the howlers–then the toucans, scarlet macaws, hawks, falcons, and parrots until the air is filled with wildlife’s jazz and dance”. Lapa’s Nest Treehouse

The last curiosity is that Pete Nelson helped these people to build this treehouse!

For further information:
Lapa’s Nest Treehouse

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Lapa’s Nest Treehouse

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