La casa sull’albero (The Treehouse)

Some years ago a competition about a project of Treehouses was announced by the town of Cles (Italy). I had the possibility to ask more about their project to one of the selected groups “Officine Liquide” attending to see the realization of the project!


You are one of the selected group of this competition, what is exactly Officine Liquide and what do you do?
Officine Liquide is a group of architects and designers who met at the University of Architecture in Florence. The name of the group expresses a connection with handcraft, where details are very important. The “liquid” organization of the group determines the work process, everyone can contribute to a project, merging knowledge in a horizontal structure able to change depending from the job.

Why did you want to participate to a competition about Treehouses?
We were very excited with the treehouse competition launched by the town of Cles in north Italy. The treehouse is something connected with our childhood that gives us the opportunity to play and dream again, hiding between the branches in an imaginary world.


Could you tell me something about your project and about the approch that you used?
The site for the competition is a home to a small music festival, and the image of the music between the trees became the main idea for the project.

We imagined a pentagram running through the branches, a circulation path that would distribute the people to the various units hanging from the trees.

Every unit is a small wooden cube with access from the ceiling. This way you can use the roof as a terrace. Inside the double bed offers accommodation for two people and their backpacks, that can be stored in the big drawer beneath it. A square window allow people to stare at the trees from high, sitting on the bed and sticking out with your legs, leaving your feet floating from the ground.

At the end, the organization decided to build a small tree village, using the first four project selected. The village is to be built in 2015.

I wish good luck to Officine Liquide and to the other groups and I thank you again for your time.
Stay tuned for more news about this project! I can’t wait to see the realization!

For further information
Officine Liquide

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Officine Liquide

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