La casa su l’arbolo

Have you ever written a poem inspired by a treehouse?
My neighbor comes from Montefiascone, Viterbo (Italy) and she gave me this poem written by a poet of Montefiascone, below the translation, I tried to be more accurate as I could, even if it was a little difficult, since this is neither my dialect. 😉

la casa su l'arbolo pic

The house on the tree

In a forest they built a small house,
made of wood and a little tight;
it’s a polished abode
that they arranged on a tree.

It’s strong attached between the branches
and there’s no doubt that it will fall on the straw.
Up there, there’s a good air, the pure one,
there’s the bird’s song, on the morning;

there you can live surrounded by the nature:
there’s the shadow and the fresh air in the summer,
you can live good your days,
the sun will dry the humidity.

Since with the wind it swings a little,
you have the feeling of being on a plane.
But what it represents has a good advantage,
on this house, you’ll never pay any costs:

it has no foundations, the owner
hasn’t to pay the taxes but just the aerarium*.
It will happen, that if we don’t be hard hit by the taxman
will we live all perched?”
Vincenzo Marenghi

*tax on the terrain

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