Krazy Kat Klub

The Krazy Kat Klub in 1920 was a “Bohemian joint in an old stable up near Thomas Circle … (where) artists, musicians, atheists, professors”. From a diary of a boy who went to the club.

The club, that took the name from the comic strip Krazy Kat (you can see it on the photo of the entrance), became in 1920s a Washington DC hangout/speak-easy that appeared to have been quite a hub of bohemian activity, where the police busted it several times. It was also a club for gay hangout, where maybe Krazy who was the first androgynous hero/ine of the comic (sometimes Krazy was a he, sometimes a she), became the icon of the club and a gay identity.

Anyway, in this club there was a tree house, where people could speak about life and art, smoking, taking a tea or eating something all together. It was described in 1919 by the Washington Post as “something like a Greenwich Village coffee house, in an alley near Thomas Circle”.

It was a simply platform on a tree very closed to two buildings where people could reach it by a ladder. The only furniture was some woods chairs and a table, a lamp suspended on the table and –since this was an artistic meeting point- a painting on the wall. A real restaurant-pub some feet above the ground!

More pics in the gallery below.

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