Kasetta 1996 – 2013

Our last post before Christmas, is about the story of our friend Edoardo from Varese (Italy) and his treehouse – Kasetta-, he wrote something about it. I hope you enjoy it as I had it!
And…don’t forget to look at the pictures below!


When me and my brother decide to build a treehouse on a big red beech tree in our garden, nobody of us expect that this little shelter became an important part of our daily life!

The “kasetta” (as our friends used to call it) was much more than a treehouse. It was a sort of extension of our bed-room …a private space where people use to stay, talk, have fun for hours and just this…We didn’t care if it was snowing, raining, windy or whatever! The Kasetta was protected by a big red beech tree and we enjoyed to be protected as well, becoming part of the nature, as guests of the tree!

The high of the treehouse was relevant, more than 6 meter above the ground. It has been built on two levels, the first as living area and the second, more private, as night area. Of course even the rooftop was accessible through a trap door! It is a very simple structure, entirely builds by wood and fixed on the tree just by ropes. The ropes need to be yearly checked and adapted to the growth of the tree. 


I remember, once, we had a big party on it. We established a sort of record…we were more than 20 people on it, it was 23 of us! Some on the treehouse floor, some on the rooftop and others on the tree branches! All of us were so excited and proud that we still remember that night, ten years later! The ”kasetta” was that! It was a sort of big father and everybody feel protected on it…I suppose that almost thousand people get on it through its small stepladder. Children or teenagers…rarely adults! These ones do not feel the link of the tree. They just think that treehouse is for kids! What a big mistake…What our lucky!

When we built it, just using wood and ropes, all of us kept a piece of rope as bracelet in memory of it. Since then, we became part of something that adults don’t understand like Cosimo of “Il Barone Rampante” and we keep treehouse in our memories forever! ” EV

More pics in the gallery below.


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