John’s Treehouse

John, a botanist and a landscape designer from Tiverton, Rhode Island, got the idea of building his own treehouse while watching Treehouse Master.


Even if he’s not more a child, this treehouse is a place where he and his wife can escape from he ordinary life, a place to sleep outside and to live surrounded by nature. Using the woods that he accumulated during many years of removing trees, he could build a 160-square foot treehouse.

He planned at first the steps, made of tree stumps, that he left intact, and than the rest of the treehouse, in a very simple style. Also the furniture are planned and built by John, except of the bed, a mirror and a trunk.

“Once the stairs were up, the rest of the design fell into place for John, who completed the treehouse, made of eight different kinds of wood, in about 50-60 hours. He spent a total of around $800 on plywood, roofing, electrical supplies, and milling for the pine boards he used on the front and sides. All of the other materials came from tree removal jobs”. Jacqueline Marque

The next project ofJohn is to build an outdoor shower and a sea-glass curtain for some bonsai and a footbridge to reach the house to give him and his wife a thrill of adventure!


More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Jacqueline Marque

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