Island Cabin TreeTop Fiddan

A small island in a lake, some trees, a big platform with a triangular shape and a lot of nature all around…what are these? These are the ingredients for a perfect treehouse!

Don’t you think there could be such a treehouse? Then check the video below!

If you want to live this dream, you should travel to Konsmo, in Norway and enjoy the moment at the Island Cabin-TreeTop Fiddan!
It’s situated in the middle of a forest, a small island where some trees are and host the big treehouse. A magical place in summer and certainly in winter during the snowy days and the Northern Lights!

All the comforts that you need are waiting for you:  a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, a fire place in the garden where you can cook the fish that you just fished and an hammock to relax!

Actually I’m thinking to book very soon a flight to Norway to chill in this treehouse!

For further information and to book a night in this heavenly treehouse, check the Island Cabin-TreeTop Fiddan website.

Pics and video by Island Cabin-TreeTop Fiddan. All rights reserved

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