Inkaterra Canopy Tree House

A place in the heart of Amazon jungle ideal for relax and animal and nature observation at 90 feet above the ground…

“For the most unique and memorable rainforest experience, Inkaterra´s Canopy Tree House offers utter seclusion amidst the splendor of the Peruvian South Eastern Amazon. Built on a private platform and adjoining the famous Canopy Walkway at some 90-ft. (27-mt.) above the lush floor below, the Inkaterra Canopy Tree House provides service that is second to none and a jungle stay like no other. From the remarkable vantage point high in the canopy, guests can observe a range of wild animal species that are not usually visible from the ground, and listen to the amazing jungle sounds whilst unwinding at the relaxing Canopy Bar. Later on guests can soak up the atmosphere over a light dinner watching the stars above before taking a canopy night walk around this remote and fascinating tree top world”. Inkaterra

People can reach the tree house by a very long bridge made of wood and rope, among the trees and above the jungle.

The furniture of the room is very simple. It’s equipped with two single beds, a drop-leaf wooden table, folding chair, a portable toilet, limited light, and windows with removable mosquito net.

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