I’ll never Grow up

The Treehouses are a link between our childhood and our present. Even if we are adults now, we still love the idea of climbing a tree and have a shelter in a treehouse.

g up 13

Recently I watched the movies Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 since I knew that a treehouse was there.

You can’t expect excellent movies but they are funny. Five guys -who were friends in the school- met themselves after many years and decided to have a week together with their family. Their children are habits on playing video-games and when their parents said them that they have to stay outside and enjoy the surrounding nature, they are extremely bored about this idea. They can’t imagine what they can do outside, without a screen and video-games.


g up 11

Since they started to understand -with the help of their parents -that it’s more funny to stay outside, throwing stones on the surface of the lake and making them jump or building a treehouse, than stay inside the house.

I think that this is the reflection of the reality. A lot of children now-a-days at the age of 5 know perfectly how a Smartphone works, but they never climbed a tree! It’s sad…

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