Hometreehome in Mexico

I recently came back from my holidays in Mexico.
I already miss the lifestyle there, the colours of this country, the smiling people on the street, my friend and the new friends and people who I met in my tour!F92_magenta pic

I was guest in Cozumel to a very good friend of mine who has an Art&Cultural Ristocenter on the island, Magenta!
A big courtyard is present with a lot of vegetation and trees, where you can take shelter in the hottest days, and I hope that one day on one of these trees, we will build a MagentaTreehouse! 🙂

And…well if you are planning to visit this part of Mexico, don’t miss to go to Magenta! You can try the most delicious Parmesan and sip a very good artisan Mezcal!

For further information feel free to contact me or visit Magenta’s page on facebook or on tripadvisor!

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