Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel

In this moment everyone is talking about China and Hometreehome wants to give you nice and good information about this land! A very nice and big treehouse hotel has been built in Xianghu Scenic Area recently! Are you ready to discover it???

Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel is “L” shaped, close to Senbo Paradise, with more than 100 types of high-star rooms, perfect facilities, wide vision, standing on the terrace can see the verdant green hills, lake view room on one side can view the whole view of Xianghu, a 4A-level scenic spot.
According to the current topographic and environmental characteristics, Senbo has planned and laid out different holiday products with different characteristics”. Besides the treehouses “there are luxurious one-room and one-hall family suites, star rooms, party villas and other net-red characteristic vacation houses located here to meet the needs of a variety of visitors.
The Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel in Hangzhou perfectly integrates the magic factors of nature with the “Kaiyuan Care” type of high-quality service experience. Tourists can close their families and friends in the immersion type of natural experience and enhance their emotions”.

More info at Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel


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