The strange story of a treehouse in Greenwich Village

“I came from the country with three little girls who were used to running around,” Melinda Hackett says. “I wanted them to have an oasis of calm in the city, a private space.” New York Post 

This is the strange story of the artist Melinda Hackett who came from the country and just wanted to give a piece of heaven to her daughters in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Shortly after Melinda Hackett put up the circular cedar tree house for her three girls, the police showed up at her door. A neighbor had complained about the structure and filed a complaint with the city, but after months of legal battles, Hackett won. Not only was the tree house allowed to stay, but it was also granted landmark status.

However look at the video below, Melinda will be able to explain you the whole story better than me!


More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by: Seth Wenig

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