Gjøkeredet Treehouse

If you have in mind to travel to Norway, maybe you should check this treehouse!


Trehyttene i Gjerstad is located in the forest at Gjerstad (about 45 minute drive from Risør).
Here you can sleep in a treehouse which name is Gjøkeredet, it’s the only one in the South of Norway! You can reach it by a staircase. The high quality of the construction and the materials used will guarantee a comfortable and safe stay. Six people can be guested there’s a cooking appliance on gas, but there’s no electricity to give you more relax and live at direct contact with the nature. Moreover the toilet it’s not in the house, but outside.

Watch the video below and let yourself get carried away!

In this video, even if it’s a cool cabin, the first house it’s not consider a treehouse from Hometreehome, since it’s laying on the ground and only the terrace its suspended and supported by the trees. In the second part of the video it’s the Gjøkeredet Treehouse!

If you want to have more info check the website: Trehyttene it’s in Norwegian, maybe we should suggest to the owners of this lovely treehouse to have also the English version for the tourists! 😉

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Trehyttene. All rights reserved.


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