Gankoyama Treehouse

One of dreams is to fly to Japan, study the traditional Japanese houses and learn more about this wonderful and amazing population, tradition and culture.

If you like me have this wish and if you also love treehouses, I suggest you this workshop.
Down Yokohama you can find the Gankoyama Treehouse Village, where it’s organized a workshop to learn how to build a treehouse.

Building a tree house is not difficult at all if you have the know-how and it is a wonderful experience. You build a tree house with an instructor so anyone can participate, even people without any DIY experience. Naturally, the carpentering knowledge acquired from this activity is useful for life in the forest but it can also be used in everyday life“.Gankoyama Treehouse Village

Moreover you can choose between three different curses:

  • Tree House Master Course (Building a tree house : 2 day program)
  • Tree House Master Course 2(Repeaters only : Rope works, Tree Climbing, Chain saw : 2 day program)
  • Tree House Master 3days (Tree House Master Course 1+2)

For further information and to contact the Gankoyama Treehouse Village, check their website.

I’ll for sure contact them whenever I’ll find the way to fly there!

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