Gajumaru Okinawa restaurant

Situated on Highway 58, in Onoyama Park in the South of Japan.

Naha Harbor Diner -recently named Gajumaru, after having changed ownership- sits perfectly on the top of a massive reproduction of a Gajumaru tree (like a Banyan tree) made of concrete. You can reach the top -20 feet above the ground- using the spiral stairs or the lift inside the trunk, and have a beautiful view on the harbor between the branches of this huge tree.

This restaurant is known for being romantic, quite and elegant, maybe more for couples than for families with kids, and you can eat the best Japanese – Thai – Korean – Indian and Chinese food in Okinawa.

The particular thing is that is specialized in locally grown and organically harvested foods brought from the close farms, like fresh vegetables, chickens, pork, … so to limit the shipping cost and packaging and to reduce the pollution and the plastic waste.

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