Freestanding Treehouse

Even if this is not a real treehouse, I really love it.And I always imagine that can be supported by a tree!

Situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this private “treehouse” is a project of the office Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni built in 2010 on 4sqm.

“This freestanding house-by-a-tree is a multipurpose wooden play structure, standing on its own construction. It can be erected close to trees that are unable to support additional weight. This ‘tree house’, conceived with contemporary design principles, is not modelled on any of the classic tree house forms that take their inspiration from either real houses or garden sheds. Instead, children are offered a different understanding of shapes, new spatial experiences and new forms of play.

The house is made of spruce plywood, protected on the exterior by a colourless nano-varnish. The roof is covered in a roofing cardboard that shields against most kinds of unfavourable weather conditions”. Architizer  

The furnishings are minimal and have been constructed from dowel pins.

I really love this new and fresh architectural form, like a sort of telescope, from where the habitants of the treehouse can look at the surrounding landscape.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Architizer 

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