Five Treehouses for the Chateau des Enigmes

Five different Treehouses for five different people!

Nested in the park of the Chateau des Enigmes, five tree houses are waiting for you to come and steal an instant away from the modern world.
In fact, sleeping in a tree is an unusual and original adventure. Hung between heaven and earth, you will fall asleep rocked peacefully by the branches. When waking up, your breakfast will be waiting for you at the tree’s foot, you will just have to raise it up to your terrace with a rope. While enjoying it you will appreciate the animal life around“. Sur un arbre perché

The Zen Treehouse, 8 meters high on an old oak, it’s immersed in the wood to guarantee you tranquility and peace.


The 1001 nights Treehouse an oriental-style treehouse at 7 meters from the ground on a hundred years old oak tree for romantic nights!


The Enigma Treehouse at 11 meters high on a hundred years old cedar tree. With a round tower like the one of the Usson Castle from which you can see it!


The Squirrels Treehouse at 5 meters high on two centennial oak. A perfect solution for a family.

The Pirate Treehouse at 5 meters from the ground on a 200-years old oak tree. Just for real pirates!


For further information: Sur un arbre perché

Pics by Sur un arbre perché. All rights reserved.

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