Fight for forest’s rights!

You have always to fight for your rights, but who is fighting for the forest’s rights?

A collective of different people with different reasons decided five years ago to pull up their first platform into the trees in the Hambach Forest, close to Cologne, Germany.
But which is their mission? From their website you can read that they “live in tree houses and an occupied meadow. In our struggle we don’t solely try to fight lignite coal and extractionism, but to create a positive alternative. In Hambach Forest we try to live a life, in which the relations between people are not solely governed by greed and competition, but by solidarity, community and sustainability“.

At the moment 30 treehouses are in the forest and they can host at least 40 people. The highest is 25 meter from the floor. Most of the treehouses are organized in a treehouse village, connected one to the other with bridges and “walkways” -as they call them- so that they can visit one other without touching the ground.

It’s quite important that the treehouses are always occupied: “The reason why treehouses are so effective, is that an eviction can be really complicated. This however is only true for occupied houses, empty trees are just cut. Therefore it’s important to keep them squatted 365 days a year. Most of the tree houses are equipped for the winter: walls are insulated with straw and have ovens for warmth. Some houses even offer solar electricity and internet“.

I really hope that they succeed in their purpose and that they keep on leaving in the treehouses! You have all the support of HomeTreeHome, keep on fighting!

To have more infos about this project, being updated and support this cause, look the Hambach Forest‘s website!

Pics by Hambach Forest. All rights reserved.

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