Fibonacci’s Vacation Treehouse

Do you remember the Alanis Morisette’s treehouse? I’ve got many information directly from their builders!!!

Let’s start from the beginning… Do you remember the American company O2 Treehouse, -I’ve actually already introduced them to you many times- and they are the builders of one of my favourite treehouse ever, The Pinecone Treehouse.

The singer Alanis Morisette contacted them to build a treehouse for her kids in her backyard. The treehouse made of “pretty standard wood, Douglas fir for the rafters and plywood walls. All the little funky additions on the walls were handmade. The goal and the vision was an immaginative hangout for the kids to use in creative ways”. O2 Treehouse

This treehouse like the Pinecone treehouse and many treehouses signed by O2 Treehouse has a vey particular geometric shape. For this reason the company called it “Fibonacci’s Vacation”!!!

Pics and tnx to O2 Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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