Dave Herrle Treehouse

Sometimes people ask me: “How much is a treehouse?” Well it’s difficult to say it’s the same to ask: ” How much is a house?”

Tdave herrle 2here are a lot of factor to take in consideration. You can have treehouse of different prices, and it’s depend from the materials, what do you want inside, how do you want it and how big/small do you want it, …

dave herrle 4

The carpenter Dave Herrle from Cunnecticut, decided to build a treehouse for him and his future wife. He tried to used salvaged material when it could and planned a small but tiny house, and everyone knows that if you live in the forest, why should you have a lit of space inside when you can live outside in contact with nature?

dave herrle 3

Herrle was able to built his treehouse in 6 months for 4000$!!!

dave herrle 5

Pics by Herrle Custom Carpentry

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