Costa Rica Treehouse

Are you looking for a good place to relax and have fun?


In the treehouse Lodge in Costa Rica people can choose four different houses where they can stay on a 10 acre forest in front of the Ocean.
There are: the Beach Suite, the Beach House, the Garden House and… the Treehouse!

” Built on tall stilts, this back-to-your-childhood house is submerged by the forest, with a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading steeply to its front door. Inside it’s split level: upstairs, a double king size bed and a small ensuite toilet; downstairs, a second double bed, a single bed and a kitchen. There’s enough room for a family, however also very romantic and very suited to a couple. All of the furniture is handcarved sustainable wood, windows are open but screened against bugs, while scarlet Birds of Paradise flowers provide splashes of colour”. Costa Rica Treehouse

A curious and funny information about this treehouse is that “the bathroom is built around a 100+ year-old tree, which is still growing around the house”. Costa Rica Treehouse

So you can have the chance to stay in a real and alive house!


More important of this treehouse is what they made about the sustainability of the place an of the treehouse:
“The Tree House has been entirely built of sustainable woods. All the hard woods used on the tree House were obtained out of fallen trees. We did not cut any alive tree to build the Tree House. Most of the woods used on the Tree House are Nispero Manilkara chicle and Casha Pithecellobium idiopodum. Both are hardwoods.

Most of the time, these trees are found in deep areas of the jungle. To get them out we cut them on location in the desired sizes, then we pull the wood out with oxes. Many times it took several weeks to get our wood out of the jungle before we could build”. Costa Rica Treehouse


For more information and to book:
Costa Rica Treehouse

More pictures in the gallery below.

Pics by Costa Rica Treehouse


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