Cikole Orchid Forest

I love orchids and I love treehouses, if it’s the same for you, you should also start to check the tickets to Indonesia like me and book a flight whenever it will be possible!

The latest addition to the many splendors of Lembang is the Cikole Orchid Forest which was recently opened on August 24th, 2018. Located some 5Km from Alun-alun Lembang or about 45 minutes from Bandung and 3-4 hours from Jakarta, the Cikole Orchid Forest offers cool and unpolluted mountain air, rows of pine trees,

amazing “instagrammable” photo spots, and obviously a wide collection of orchids. Here you can find over 20,000 orchids among which are some of the rarest variants such as West Java’s own Phavio, as well as from Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, and more. Aside from beautiful orchids, the place offers exciting activities to enjoy including sliding down the flying fox or cross the wooden bridge that hangs 23 meters above the valley“.  Wonderful Indonesia

A bridge and a platform on the trees to explore this wonderful place!

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