During the Ecoruraliry workshop –July 2010-, Abitalbero built this tree house in Allai, Oristano-Sardinia (Italy) with some students of Paesaggi Straordinari Master and Interior Design Master, a shelter/ a place to stop for hikers.

Casallai belongs to a bigger project: Arcipelago Allai, where natural routes connect different things in the landscape.

Why the tree house??? The architect explain that is always used from men since a long time as a real home or just for fun, in this case it’s an area for hikers, where they can relax or just stop to observe nature. In this way the tree is the structure of the project and from object become the main character where people live in.

The project is very easy, is a sort of platform where a little box is built on. No real rooms or something that you can find in a house, but just a roof and three walls that can repair from cold weather or rain. People can reach the platform with a wood stair that is suspended from the ground.

This tree house has been chosen from the musician Paolo Fresu as location for a date of his tour 50!, a tour he made in Sardinia for his 50 years old birthday.

[vimeo 19600400 w=600 h=350]

A video that explains the tree house

For further information:
Paesaggi connessi 

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by: Agnesesama


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