Casallai Treehouse

Someone tried to destroy Casallai (Sardinia, Italy), before by burning it and then cutting the Eucalyptos that gives the structure to the house!!!

An important news came from Sardegna Marenostrum website about Casallai!!!

Casallai, the important treehouse that became a symbol for Allai village and where Paolo Fresu celebrated his 50 years old, has been destroyed by vandals during the night of 28th and 29th of June 2012.

One of the trees (an Eucalyptus) that gives the structure to the house has been cut by a chainsaw, anyway people of the village decided not to destroy it completely and tried to restore it. People are thinking to move the treehouse in another place, since “who destroyed the Treehouse, injured a symbol that identifies the work that has been made in these years” Antonio Pili, deputy Mayor.

If you want to have more news about this treehouse and project, read this article.

Pics by: Sardegna Marenostrum

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