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Would you grow old on a tree?

The idea of this treehouse is a research into new ideas of accommodating visitors in  protected areas, situated in Parco Pollino, Calabria (Italy).

“The house resembles a hanging wooden bud suspended from the upper part of five 50-year-old beech trees with the help of steel stays and loading-bearing strips”. Abitare

In this treehouse you can find all the comfortables and the technologies that a normal house can offer you. The lodge has a 50 sqm plus 70 sim of deck.

This treehouse is the result of an architecture competition +xm-plusform and designed and won by the Italian office lacasasullalbero, and this is not their first treehouse, other treehouse are being designed by this office and all them are eco-sustainable; they used biodegradable materials and special system are studied for the reuse of the natural resource -including the rainwater and of course solar panels.

The shape of the treehouse is always different according to the tree/trees that will support the treehouse.

The lower level of the treehouse with the living area is 4 m above the ground and the upper level with the sleeping area is 6.30 m.

So who of you would like to live in this treehouse? I would!

Pics by Abitare

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