Camp Twin Lakes

A big tree house in Rutledge in the east of Atlanta (Georgia) has been made for children with serious illness and disabilities.

Designed by Lord, Aeck & Sargent architects  for the Camp Twin Lakes, this tree house made of trees among the trees is, as we told before, for the camping program for ill and disabled children. Here the children can live in contact with nature, where everything is accessible, also by the wheelchairs.

A curving wooden ramp leading to a deck 15 feet above the ground -looking at one of two lakes- has been designed or children can reach the tree house by a net-bridge. The foundations consist of wooden telephone poles connected with concrete beams that stabilize the poles.

A big place with octagonal shape is the main space in the center of the building, used mainly for arts and crafts and different activities. Another space close to this with bench is used for storytelling and small activities. Other two spaces near the doorway of the main space are used as utility room and staff/storage room. The tree house has been built on a large oak. The house comprises 1.200 square feet of enclosed space surrounded by 600 square foot covered deck.

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Camp Twin Lakes

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Jonathan Hillyer Photography

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