Callie and her Treehouse

One day, I was checking out some new treehouses and I found this interesting one.

Callie Hirsch

I wanted to know more about this, and I finally found the creator of this treehouse, and he explained me something about it that I want to share with you:
“My love of nature naturally brings me up into the tree. The tree envelopes you, cradles you in it’s camouflage. It serves as an escape into quiet, hidden, giving you a new angle to view the world by. I like the idea of creating my own space, coming up with new ways to make benches and stairs that are imperfect. Haphazard creations of my own design in which to indulge my playful nature”. Callie Hirsch

If this doesn’t satisfy your curiosities or do you want to know more about Callie, take a look at Callie Hirsch‘s website.

Pic by Callie Hirsch



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