Cabane Perchée de Chambonnière

A lot of people have a second house where they can relax and live far from the city during the weekend and holidays. But have you ever thought of having a treehouse or this purpose?

1. Cabane Perchee de Chambonniere Paris Disney

Eddy, Axelle and their kids move every weekend on their treehouse in the land close to Paris. Eddy since was a child had the dream of having a treehouse so he started to build it with the help of some friends. It’s a 33 m² treehouse with barbecue and all the comforts of a real the main floor there’s the kitchen with the living room, the parents’ room and the toilette, on the first floor the children’s bedroom. Recently was published on “Live” magazine by Ikea, since almost every furniture inside is by Ikea. Once again, after the collaboration with the artist Klas Herbert,  Ikea is friendly with the treehouses!

It’s also possible to rent the treehouse, so if you want to live for a weekend or for a period in this treehouse and have the magical experience that this family have, now you can!

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Cabane Perchée de Chambonnière

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Pics by Cabane Perchée de Chambonnière

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