Biku Treehouse

Have you ever slept in a treehouse with a form of a cocoa pod? If not you can sleep in one in Panama very soon!

Ariel and Zabrina alias Biku contacted the Baca Architects of London to design a treehouse and make their dream come true!
A treehouse surrounded by nature, where the only way to reach the place is by boat! Even if the design is designed by English architects, the treehouses will be built using local materials and local design team and labours.

Treehouses feature outdoor showers, shaded balconies, sleeping areas and staircases that spiral around the tree trunk. We also want each treehouse pod to be able to be reached by a hanging walkway. The retreat will offer snorkelling and canoeing expeditions, treetop adventures and chocolate making activities. Key design considerations include deep overhanging for sun-protection, cross-ventilation, water-catchment, as well as protection from tropical rain-storms.
The forms are inspired by cocoa pods and other seed structures found in the rainforests of Panama. Bamboo’s diversity as a construction material is celebrated in numerous manifestations, including walls, screens, balustrades, roofing and cladding“. Biku

The primary material will be the bamboo and to reduce the vehicles on site, parts of the structure will be prefabricated and assembled directly on the island.
The work is expected to begin by summer 2018 and completed by summer 2019.

Pics by Biku. All rights reserved.


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