Between Alder and Oak

Is it possible to integrate architecture with Treehouses?


Andreas Wenning of Baumraum, can -in my opinion- perfectly integrate this combo. If you are practical with contemporary architecture, I would say that Andreas:treehouse = Renzo Piano:architecture.

I think that they have a lot in common, both make a light architecture, using new materials and suspending their architectures by stainless steel cables. The result is always a strong and technological architecture that doesn’t give space to anyone to be indifferent at it: you would like it or not, but for sure you wouldn’t be indifferent at all.

One of the strongest, oldest and most famous project of Andreas, is situated in Bad Rothefelde near Osnabrück in   of Germany.

Andreas explain in the book “Treehouse” about him edited by DOM publishers, that the space favourite by his clients presented a space between two trees that formed a “V” and it provided a perfect space for his project!
A request of the clients was a view on the southwest side on the meadow and the tree landscape.

Using these two elements, he planned a two different levels of terraces and a semicircular design of the treehouse, those are the main elements that characterize this project. The use of the local oak for the construction, permits to integrate perfectly the treehouse with the trees. Inside the bed and the bench are covered by grey textile to have a neutral and clean interior and the bed is formed with a sort of module that reminds a tatami. From inside people can have a large vision of the surroundings of the treehouse thanks the large widows and glass. Moreover a window on the roof can give the possibilities during the starry night to observe the sky.


The trees are the mainly structure of the treehouse, he used some wood pillars to support the shell of the treehouse and the first level of the terrace is hanged by stainless steel cables to the tree.

During Autumn the color of the treehouse is very similar to the color of the leaves, there’s no contrast but just a perfect integration!

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Pics by Baumraum

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