Baumhotel Robins Nest

Are you thinking to travel to Germany this summer and you are wondering where you can sleep?robins nest 1

In the north of Germany you can sleep at the Baumhotel Robins Nest. The philosophy of this place is of course living in contact with nature and since the trees are in all the cultures the symbol of life, they can give you the right energy you need.

rbins nest 2

The founder of this place is Peter Becker, who decided to build some treehouses at 7 meters from the ground that can be reached by ladder or bridges.
You can have the possibilities to sleep in different treehouses, each one can host 4 people. The suggestion of the owner is to go there and look personally how they are, because the best view is when you are on it!

robins nest 4

It has been built just natural materials, moreover to give more comfort, all the treehouses have electricity.

robins nest 3

For further info and to book your night, check the Baumhotel Robins Nest’s website!

Pics by Baumhotel Robins Nest. All rights reserved.


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