Associazione Nuova Terraviva Treehouse

A spot of country in a city!

casetta x piccoli con latalena

In Ferrara (Italy) there’s a magical place of 4 hectares where people can have the sensation of being in the country even if they are still in the city! The first project is of Biagio Rossetti in the 1457 and thanks to Associazione Nuova Terraviva is still possible to live this place and being surrounded by the nature.

The goal of this place is the human development, promoting the agriculture, the Steiner-Waldorf’s pedagogy (based on artistic and manual labor activities), the art and the knowledge.

In this place you can find not only biodynamic vegetable gardens but also a big park, for children and not, with a secret way of 100 meters in a green tunnel, a meditative itinerary in a spiral trees’ cosmogramma of 60 meters, animals and of course two treehouses!

Beda con mamma
Beda, the new entry, with its mum.

A small one in the middle of a path -Tibetan bridge of 80 meters- for children between 8 and 12 years old. It’s at 3 meter above the ground.
The second one is bigger -more or less 2,5×2,5 meters and it’s for children between 2 and 5 years old.

The treehouses, built by the voluntaries of the association, it’s not just a place where people can play and have fun, but also a place where they can learn and test themselves with their balance and live/play surrounded by organic and natural materials like wood.

casetta 1 con bimbi 2

A place where the technology leave its place to the nature and where people can extend their sensibilities and their perceptions in something new and natural.

I want to thank Andrea Gandini for all the information who gave me and his helpfulness.
I hope very soon to have the opportunity to go and live this experience in this magical and unique place.

For further information please visit Associazione Nuova Terraviva.

Pics by Associazione Nuova Terraviva

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