Appalachian Christmas Treehouse

A treehouse for Christmas is for sure a big gift!
HomeTreeHome wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this post!

The Treehouse Master’s team built this treehouse two years ago in North Carolina for Mike, a member of the crew.
Everything was made in situ with any prefabricated elements and the treehouse was finished in 13 days!

Mike’s treehouse looks at home in the forest, clad in poplar bark siding and nestled 18 feet up in a grove of tulipifera, or tulip poplar trees. With a kitchen, outdoor shower, compostable toilet, bedroom loft, living space, toasty wood stove, and dual decks, this “treehome” makes for a cozy retreat. The ramp made for a convenient passage to the treehouse, given the slope of the hill. Classic Nelson Treehouse hog wire railing runs along either side of the ramp. Two decks provide ample outdoor space. Mike’s favorite part of the treehouse is the back deck; he loves sitting outdoors and taking in the forest. A grove of strong tulip poplars supports the weight of Mike’s treehouse, which sits 18 feet up from the ground at its highest end. The bottom portion of the exterior is clad in poplar bark siding. Cedar board and batten covers the middle section, and cedar shakes pepper the top. The front deck is sheltered by the roof’s overhang“. Nelson Treehouse

As you can read from the Nelson Treehouse’s blog, this treehouse is a perfect one for a treehouse carpenter.

Pics by Nelson Treehouse. All rights are reserved.


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