Agafjas’ treehouse

I want to wish you good holidays and leave you with this terrific documentary about Agafjas’ life. See you in September!


Agafjas is an old woman who lives in Siberia at 250 Km from civilization. Everyday she takes care of her dog, herself and her neighbour, an old geologist who arrived to her place almost 20 years ago and since he hasn’t a leg, he can’t live without the help of Agafjas.
Maybe you are wondering “why are you telling us about this story, even if it’s an incredible and touching story”? Because Mrs Agafjas has a treehouse, a sort of shelter for her provisions from the bears! She can reach the house on the tree using a wooden ladder that every time she moves to another tree, so that the bears couldn’t climb and reach te treehouse. The treehouse is quite small with just a little door from where is possible to take the stuffs off.

agafjas 1


I don’t want to reveal everything in advance, just take your time and enjoy this video (it’s composed by 4 parts, be sure to see all of them)!

Agafjas’ life Part 1

Agafjas’ life Part 2

Agafjas’ life Part 3

Agafjas’ life Part 4

More pics in the gallery below.


Pics and video by Vice



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