A whirlpool some feet from the ground!

Have you ever taken a bath on a tree maybe when the sun is going down or meanwhile it’s snowing? Now you can!


The last idea of Jacuzzi, in collaboration with Sullalbero, presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan, was a whirlpool in a treehouse.

Their goal is that people can relaxing in contact with nature, in the silence of it to take all the energy that Mother Nature offers us so to have a Relax and restore balance to body and mind at 100%.

Three different types of environment are proposed and each one could be customized:
Sea & Beach Resort
“The experience of an exclusive terrace overlooking the sea, with a boundless horizon. Clear materials, minimal design, clean and essential style. Every detail of the aerial architecture blends in with the natural surroundings and enhances the
bright open spaces. An oasis of peace, shade and relaxation
“. Jacuzzi & Sullalbero
sea and beach

Mountain & Country Resort
“Absolute harmony with nature and the infinite surroundings. The frame of the houses and the materials used are in line with the textures found within the contexts of the ground and the forests. The warmth and emotion of unfinished wood, more rustic finishes. Everything is consistent with the environment”. Jacuzzi & Sullalbero

mountain and country

Urban Resort
“An exceptional space in the heart of the city, where time seems to stand still. In addition to wood, which can be unfinished, natural or processed, materials suited to the urban context, such as iron, steel and glass, are used. The frame is light, suspended and blends in harmoniously with the natural element”. Jacuzzi & Sullalbero


Are you ready to have your relax on a tree?
If you want more infos, you can contact Jacuzzi or Sullalbero. Then send me the pics of your TreeJacuzziHouse!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Jacuzzi & Sullalbero

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