A treehouse in the sky…

A tree house that can control a city from the top of a building??? Yes, it’s possible!!!

On Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam, the artist Leonard van Munster built an interesting project, called Under Heaven.

This installation has been built on top of a 12 story building in 2004 with recycled fruit and vegetables crates used to construct the none-too-sturdy-looking structure, which have still the original graphical text, and hoisted into position on top of the building and held in place by guy wires.
Just a ladder could give you the possibility to reach the tree house, but just to his creator was permitted to enter, and from there he could see what happened below him!

This special tree house was part of the exhibition “Mark me” on contemporary graphic design in Netherlands. Unfortunately when the exhibition ended, also the life of this tree house ended with it.

[vimeo 8051119 w=600 h=350]
A video where you can see the tree house.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Leonard van Munster

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