A treehouse in Ibiza

Ibiza the capital of parties has also some secrets!

I have to admit that I have never been to Ibiza (Spain). I always thought that if you don’t like to party hard listen house music had no sense to visit this island. A friend of mine was there. He’s not the classic party boy listen at this music and he told me:”You know, I was also thinking the same of you, but then I was there and yes, of course, part of the island is full of clubs, and places where you can take party, but in the other part of the island the nature still rule!”

When I found this picture I immediately thought to his words. I want to imagine that this treehouse is in the natural part of the island. Where you can enjoy the beauty of the island and relax and having a view on the sea!

The facade of the treehouse is covered of cedar bark, while the floor is giving you -where at least at me- the sensation of instability but at the same time of natural elements. Like if the branches grew up horizontal to support the house.

So I can give you a suggestion, if you are skeptic like me, give a possibility to this island. And if have in mind to visit the island for its famous party, go and visit the whole island! You can discover something very cool and different that you wouldn’t expect!!!

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