A Slovak Treehouse

A really nice treehouse in Slovakia.

Treehouse.sk is a nice treehouse in the forest of Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia.
To reach the treehouse you have to cross a bridge between three trees, one tree is for the entrance-platform and two for the treehouse. Opposite of the bridge a small and cozy terrace where you can sip a tea enjoying the surrounding nature!

The light yellowish colour of the wood is in contrast with the dark grey-brown of the forest and make the treehouse the protagonist of this place.

Inside there’s just like a big room with a big bed and a bunkbed, I don’t think there’s a bathroom or other comforts. The website is just in Slovak and it’s quite impossible to understand, maybe would be cool to have it in english?!? 😉
It’s a nice treehouse and I guess that many foreign would love to stay one night in this treehouse!

For further information: Treehouse.sk

Pics by Treehouse.sk. All rights reserved.

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