The smallest treehouses made in Italy

An architect who has the passion for the treehouses since he was a child and when he became adult started building shelter and little treehouses sculptures!

maurizio parenti9

When I was a child, I was a great builder of shelter and hut made of wood, ropes, rocks and other materials that I found around. I built everywhere just for the desire of having a place where I could take refuge in and play being protected. It was this shelter, mainly on a tree, and the place surroundings, that keep my fantasy away.

Then I became an architect, the link between a build and the fantasy remain, and the desire that nature is an essential element in architecture induced me to design treehouses!

 During my walk, often I pick up from the ground different pieces of wood, with different forms, or just different materials. My idea is always to make a new object that remind the idea of the ‘treehouse’.

In this way the materials, in my hands, are composed to became ‘the consequence of dreams’“. Maurizio Parenti Architect

For further information or to book one of this wonderful small treehouses write to Maurizio Parenti at this email: or check his blog!

After Takanori Aiba small treehouses, other small treehouses made in Italy!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Maurzio Parenti

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