The Patient Gardener

In these days in Milan, Italy, the week Design is going on and in honor of this event I made a post of a slow design project that was made some years ago by the Swedish Visiondivision Architects during a workshop of Politecnico of Milan.


The “Patient Gardener”, this is the name of the project, was one of the solution presented in the MIAW.2/forests Workshop in which different ecological and light structeres where presented for Politecnico Campus.

In a ring of 8 meters, 10 Japanese Cherry trees will be planted and using different tools and methods will assume the form and the shape of the project in 60 years. The form,a clepsydra, evokes the rhythm calm and patient that an installation like this needs.

The trees planted in a ring will be curved to form a dome and in the point where they meet, they wide one more time to form another mirrored dome. In this way the structure will be enjoyed by the people in both the situation.

These 60 years are symbolic that induce people to be patient in  a world where everything is quick; as one of the designer said: “If we can be patient with the building time we can reduce the need for transportation, waste of material and different manufacturing processes, simply by helping nature grow in a more architectonic and useful way”.


Of course also the furniture are made with an ecological philosophy, like the chair that seems growing from the earth!

For further information:

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Visiondivision

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