Treehouse Nicaragua

Enter the jungle and find a paradise!

If you will travel to Nicaragua, I invite you not to miss a unique place in the middle of the jungle. The Treehouse Nicaragua will wait for you. You can just enjoy the party or listen live music or enjoy the sunset and moreover you can stay for the night! A big treehouse that can guest 100 people for the party nights and different accomodations for the night. You can also have a private treehouse with two hammocks for your romantic but also wild night!

The structure of the treehouse is composed by more trees to which the house is anchored and this big treehouse is organized on two levels. The all is made of wood and with natural materials. A canopy bridge of 60 meters will connect two different part of the jungle.

You can feel the harmony and the positive vibes of this place just looking at their website. A young, dynamic and friendly team who will take care of all their guests!

Moreover I really love the idea of the hammocks, lying on them and watching the sunset in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by animals and tropical birds. I really hope one day to travel to Nicaragua to meet this team and see this incredible treehouse!

For further information: Treehouse Nicaragua

More pictures in the gallery below.

Pics by Treehouse Nicaragua


  1. Sean

    Hi good morning. On your website it says your only open certain days… does this mean you can only stay from Tuesday to Friday?



    • hometreehome

      Hello Sean
      I’m the Editor of Hometreehome, I invite you to click on the link at the end of the article.
      The website of Treehouse Nicaragua will open and you can contact them directly.
      Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂

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