tim walker

Do you love freedom, stay in contact with nature and your dream is having a house without physical limits of space?

tim walker

As for the fantasy treehouse of Ditte Isager, if you don’t suffer of dizziness or you are not a sleepwalker, you can try to simulate what the British fashion photographer Tim Walker has created in this photo!

Using pastel colours and a country setting he created a real house with different rooms: the sitting room, the kitchen under the shadow of the tree, a sort of studio on the tree and the bedroom hanged on a branch. A simple and perfect treehouse for a place where the rain doesn’t exist!

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Tim Walker

pics by Tim Walker


  1. Edoardo

    It remembers me Dedon advertising campaign done by Bruce Weber, that represents an new amazing image of the company…and explains how treehouse feeling is so deep in the memories of all of us!



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